Over 10 000 runners have registered for Helsinki City Running Day 2019

Helsinki City Running Day (on May 18th) has reached 10 000 registered runners in two months before the event. The Helsinki City Running Day is the largest running event in Finland with 6 distances.

Helsinki City Running Day combines the largest half marathon Helsinki City Run and the most international and the biggest marathon Garmin Helsinki City Marathon under the same day. The HCRD also offers shorter distances like Helsinki City 5 (5km) and Helsinki City Marathon Relay (on the route of marathon, legs: 15 km, 8 km, 7km, 12 km). For ultra

runners Helsinki City Running Day offers an option to run both marathon and half marathon in the same day. The event is called Helsinki City Double. For the kids there is also the Children Norlandia Minimarathon which is an adorable event (1km) with loads of fun.

Being the largest running event in Finland Helsinki City Running Day can offer a lot for the runner. In addition to the great atmosphere, Helsinki City Running Day also offers great services for the runners. The finish is at the football stadium Telia 5G Arena next to Olympic Stadium. Behind the finish area there is a recovery area (for free!) where the runners can enjoy free massage, Avantopool Kinos -cold recovery pools and also try a traditional Finnish SAUNA. In 2019 HCRD also offers a Kids’ Park for free as well.

If you want to be a part of the largest running event in Finland with a great atmosphere, sign up now via this link. See you in Helsinki City Running Day on Saturday on May 18th, 2019!

HCRD 2019