Entry fee payment with employee benefits

When registering for the Helsinki City Running Day’s distances Helsinki City Run half marathon, Helsinki City Marathon, Helsinki City 5 or Helsinki City Double, you can pay for your registration with employee benefits from one of the following providers: Smartum (SmartumPay or vouchers), ePassi/ePassi Sport, EazyBreak (app), Tyky (vouchers and online payment) and Edenred (MyEdenred mobile payment, Virike vouchers and cards). Please note that you with employee benefits you can only pay the entrance fee, not any additional services (eg. t-shirt, Transfer Insurance, Event Insurance).

Employee benefits are only for personal use and cannot be used to pay the entry fee of other participants. When paying with employee benefits, you can only register yourself. If you want to register more runners with different payment method, you need to register them separate.


1. Go to registration through our HCRD website and click the sign up link. In the payment section, choose Employee Benefit as payment method, and then choose your preferred employee benefit provider from the drop-down list and enter the voucher/benefit value (paid sum with benefit).
Please make sure that the employee benefit balance covers the payment of your whole entry fee before proceeding with the payment. The employee benefit balance needs to cover the payment of the whole entry fee. If the employee benefit balance is not covering the whole entry fee, it is not possible to pay for the remaining part with online payment or credit card.

If you chose some additional services, proceed to payment (online bank/credit card/MobilePay).

After you have registered and paid for your entry fee in our system, you will receive an automatic reply with instructions on how to finalize your payment with your chosen employee benefit provider.

2. Sign in to your chosen employee benefit provider and search for your distance by looking for Helsinki City 5, Helsinki City Double, Helsinki City Marathon or Helsinki City Run / Suomen Urheiluliitto ry event. When you have selected your chosen distance, you can finalize the entry fee payment by entering the entry fee sum. In case you use (paper) vouchers for payment, please send them to our office.

3. If you use Edenred employee benefits as payment method, please remember to send us a receipt of your electronic payment to marathon@sul.fi. Other employee benefit providers send us an automatic payment receipt.

Your registration is valid only when the employee benefit payment (receipt/vouchers) has been received and registered by us (event organiser).

Payment methods:

Online payments: Smartum (SmartumPay), ePassi, Eazybreak, Edenred mobile payment (MyEdenred) and Tyky online payment are paid in their respective service platform (look for the Suomen Urheiluliitto ry events as Helsinki City Run, Helsinki City Marathon, Helsinki City 5, Helsinki City Double and place an order in accordance with the instructions of the service).

Employee benefits (vouchers) by post:

Suomen Urheiluliitto
Helsinki City Running Day
Valimotie 10
00380 Helsinki

Please make sure that your own name and chosen running distance is mentioned on the vouchers sent to us.

Please also note that we do not accept cash as partial payment for your entry fee.

For more information: maraton@sul.fi or tel. +358 (0)44 3350 457