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Minimarathon is renewing 2022!

Renewable Minimarathon 2022! Next year Minimarathon will face some improvements: It will still be a part of the Helsinki City Running Day weekend, but it will get it’s own time slot on Friday early evening. The Minimarathon date will be Friday, May 13th, 2022. The new event center and activity area will be located on[…]

Helsinki City Running Day COVID-19 UPDATE

HCRD COVID-19 update

Helsinki City Running Day will be organized with special arrangements on October 3rd, 2020. Please familiarize yourself with our plan HERE. We ask all runners to read the instructions carefully, because this time it is especially important that everyone attending the event is healthy and willing to work with us to make HCRD 2020 a[…]

The event schedule of HCRD 2020

Helsinki juoksutapahtuma

The preparations for Helsinki City Running Day are going in full speed. The event will be organized with special arrangements, keeping the safety of our runners as a top priority. This means for example more start corrals than usual. Check the HCRD 2020 event schedule in below. The schedule for Helsinki City Running Day 2020[…]

2020 event schedule

The updated schedule for Helsinki City Running Day 2020. Helsinki City Run Half Marathon’s first starting group will take off at 11 am. The other four starting groups will follow every 7 minutes; group number 5 will start at 11:28 am. The starting time of Garmin Helsinki City Marathon and the Marathon Relay is 2:45[…]

Early Bird offer for HCRD 2020

Next year the Finland’s largest running event Helsinki City Running Day will take place May 16th, 2020. We want to offer you an early registration with an Early Bird price. The registration for 2020 opens May 17th. Sign up between May 17th-19th before midnight May 19th with great Early Bird prices. Register through here for[…]

Important info for HCRD runners

Welcome to Helsinki City Running Day on May 18th! In this message you will find important information about the event and your participation in HCRD 2019. Registration card and the running bib The bib numbers and registration cards are sent to runners’ emails. You may either print it out and take with you or write[…]


Welcome to the race week runners! Are you excited? Here are some last minute tips for the days before Helsinki City Running Day on Saturday! Don’t do anything new. Race week isn’t the time to try new shoes, new food or drinks, new gear, or anything else you haven’t used on several workouts. Stick with the routine[…]

HCRD info magazine 2019

Helsinki City Running Day info magazine is now in English too! Find all the important infos, route and event area maps and timetables about HCRD 2019 from here: See you in Helsinki City Running Day on May 18th!

Recovery area serves the runners of Helsinki City Running Day

For the first time, Helsinki City Running Day offers a recovery area for the runners of the day. Recovery area is located behind Telia 5G Arena, near the finishing line and equipment storage. The area includes Avantopool Kinos cold recovery pools, sauna provided by Union of Professional Engineers in Finland to celebrate their 100. jubilee[…]


Helsinki City Running Day combines the most important running events of Finland into one day: Saturday May 18th 2019. The routes and schedules of the six events have been planned carefully and are now final. The one and only Garmin Helsinki City Marathon takes place for the 39th time – second time in the spring under Helsinki City Running Day![…]