Minimarathon is a fun and active event for children and the whole family. Every runner is a winner in the Minimarathon, no matter how long it takes to reach the finish line. There is no timing in the event and participant can choose to run the 1km safe route either fast or take it easy.

Every runner will have their own bib number attached to their Minimarathon t-shirt.


time to start

Minimarathon Info


17.5.-9.1.2023 19 €
10.1.-5.4. 22 €
6.4.-27.4. 25 €
post registration 28.4.-12.5. 29 €

The entry fee includes a t-shirt.

New in 2023, the sibling’s discount! When two or more children from the same family register in the same registration, the siblings from the 2. child onwards get a 25 % discount. The discount is counted automatically in the registration system.

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Cancellation policy
Entry fees are non-refundable in every case. Participants does not need to inform the organisation about possible cancellations before the event.

In case you cannot find your name on the start list even though you have paid the entry fee, please contact the office by email. Address:

If you do not want your child’s name on the start list, you can register them with a nick name. In this case, remember which name you have used! Fill in the other information perfectly so you will get all the important information.


The running bib, T-shirt and running package has to be picked up from the  Minimarathon competition office on Friday May 12th, 2023 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (8.00-17.00 hrs) at the Minimarathon office, located under the southern curve of the Olympic Stadium. Please note that the location is different from the Minimarathon activity area or the race office of HCRD adults’ races.

Please note that you need to know your running number before picking it up, the information of the running number is sent to you approx. 1 week before the event by email.

At the event day the running number needs to be attached in front of a shirt and be visible during the whole race. The runners can keep their running numbers after the Minimarathon.

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The event day

Event schedule 

In 2023, The Minimarathon will take place on FRIDAY May 12th. The activity area is located on Pallokenttä 1, next to the Olympic Stadium. The Finish is at the Olympic Stadium.

The Minimarathon office can be found at the southern curve of the Olympic Stadium.

Friday May 12th, 2023

08:00 a.m.    Minimarathon Race office opens at the southern curve of the Olympic Stadium. Entrance via Olympic Stadium Square (address: Paavo Nurmen tie 1) Note! Different location than the Race Office for HCRD adult runners, or the Minimarathon activity area.

3 p.m.    Minimarathon activity area opens at Pallokenttä 1 (address: Urheilukatu 1)

5 p.m.    Minimarathon bib number pick up closes

5 p.m     Minimarathon starts

7 p.m.    The activity area closes

Age groups and start times 2023

5 p.m.      4 years old and younger  – Starts 1, 2, 3 (every 5 minutes)
5.20 p.m. 5 years old – Starts 4, 5, 6 (every 5 minutes)
5.40 p.m  6 years old– Starts 7, 8 (every 5 minutes)
5.55 p.m  7 years old – Starts 9,10 (every 5 minutes)
6.10 p.m  8 years old – Start 11
6.20 p.m  9-10 years old– Start 12
6.30 p.m 11-12 years old – Start 13

The Minimarathon’s first start is at 5 p.m. on Friday May 12th, 2023 at Pallokenttä. Before the start there will be a warm up for the run. 

The distance for every age group is about 1 km. Smallest kids can go with their parents or older siblings from other age groups. Groups are divided by ages, and girls and boys from same age group are starting together. There will be several starts in the age groups 4-7 years old. The groups will be divided in the start area by the organizer.

Kids under 4 years can start in the first age group. There is no timing at any age groups.

We recommended runners and their family members to use public transportation as we don’t have any reserved parking areas for the runners.

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The finish line for Minimarathon is located at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

After finishing the run every participant will get a medal and can enjoy some snacks and refreshments at the arena. Unfortunately special diets can not be taken into consideration.

After the run it is still possible to go back to Töölön pallokenttä to play and enjoy the activities.

The organizer has the right to use the pictures and videos taken at the event.

During the event, our photographing partner Marathon Foto will take pictures at the event. All pictures taken will be available online after the event.

Please remember update the children’s photo permission at the participation profile (the login details are in the confirmation email).

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The Start is at Töölön pallokenttä Sports field (address: Urheilukatu 1-5, 00250 Helsinki). The route is about 1 km long, It is safe and guarded by adults. Kids can run with their parents if they wish. The finish area is located at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

See the route map below the info section. TO BE UPDATED

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Parents can access the Minimarathon finish area at the Olympic Stadium from the same gate as the runners.

Spectators can also watch Minimarathon from the Olympic Stadium B1 and B2 stands, which will be open from 9:00 AM forward.

Please note that it is prohibited to bring animals to the Minimarathon area or the Olympic Stadium.


Minimarathon route goes from Töölön Pallokenttä to the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. Parents can run along if they wish. At the finish area there are medals and snacks waiting for the little marathoners.

There are age groups for children aged between 4-12. However there is no minimum age, so also runners under 4 years are more than welcome!
Smaller children can run with their parents or older siblings.


  • Safe 1 km route from Töölön pallokenttä to the Olympic Stadium
  • Warm up before the run
  • Minimarathon-medal to every runner
  • Technical Minimarathon running t-shirt (value 19,90 €)
  • Lots of fun activities at Töölön Pallokenttä
  • Refreshments and snacks at the finish area