Minimarathon is a fun and active event for the children and the whole family. Every runner is a winner at Minimarathon, no matter how long it takes to reach the finish line. There is no timing in the event and participant can choose to run the 1km safe route either fast or take it easy.

Every runner will have their own running number attached to Minimarathon-shirt.


time to start

There are age groups for children aged between 5-13. However there is no minimum age, so also runners under 5 years are more than welcome!
Smaller children can run with their parents or older siblings.


  • Safe 1 km route from Eläintarha sports field to the Olympic Stadium
  • Warm up before the run
  • Minimarathon-medal to every runner

  • Technical Minimarathon running t-shirt

  • Lots of fun activities at Eläintarha sports field
  • Refreshments and snacks in the finish area