Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are looking for any specific information or have any questions, please look through our FAQ for useful information and answers.

From where can I find the entry fees?
You can find the entry fee information from each distance-specific page (under the events heading) under “entry fees”.

Can I cancel my participation?
Can I transfer my participation to next year’s event?
Can I get my registration payment refunded?

When you have bought the transfer insurance when register you are entitled to defer your participation to next year’s event with a medical certificate. If you wish to use your transfer insurance and defer, please contact maraton@sul.fi and include the medical certificate.

A deferral can only be made for yourself and only for next year’s event. A deferred participation cannot be transferred again next year. The transfer insurance fee has to be bought when registered, it is not possible to buy it afterwards. In case you are unable to participate in the event, you are not obliged to inform the event organizer. The entry fees are non-refundable under all circumstances.

Can I sell or transfer my participation to another runner?
Yes. Your bib number is personal and should not be given to another runner without a re-registration. The right to participate can be transferred from one runner to another (for the same event year) with a re-registration fee of 10 euros.

A re-registration takes place with a code which the resigning runner gets from his own, personal entry profile. The resigning runner needs to give the code to the person to whom he/she wants to transfer the participation. The new entrant pays the 10 euros re-registration fee. Please see the instructions from the link below. How to transfer the participation to another runner 

Will I receive a confirmation for my registration?
Yes, you will receive a registration confirmation e-mail to your given e-mail address (sender Helsinki City Running Day). In case you have not received a confirmation to your inbox, please remember to check your junk e-mail. Closer to the event, you will receive important information by e-mail related both to the event and your bib number (approx. 1-2 weeks prior to the event).

How can I change my participant data after I have registered?
It is important that the personal data in your entry profile is up to date at all times. In case your personal data should change, please be sure to update your entry profile data latest by April 28th, 2023 by signing in with the username and password issued to you by email. You have received the credentials to your entry profile in your registration confirmation e-mail.

Can I change the running distance?
Yes. If you have already registered for the HCRD 2023 event, and would like to change your distance, please send an email to maraton@sul.fi.

If you want to change to a longer distance (more expensive), you will need to pay the price difference between the distances (according to the entry fee of the new distance at that time). The price difference can be paid with sport vouchers or by bank transfer. Please remember to update your new estimated finish time in your entry profile.

If you want to change to a shorter distance e.g., from marathon to half marathon, you can make this change by logging into your own entry profile and edit your distance yourself, latest by April 28th, 2023. After this date, you need to contact the event organiser (maraton@sul.fi) for changing to a shorter distance. Please note that we are not returning any price differences.

Why is the event t-shirt not included in the entry fee anymore?
By making the event t-shirt chargeable, we can also make more accurate estimates for t-shirt orders and thereby reduce losses.

How do I collect my bib number? Can I also collect my friend’s package?
You need to collect your bib number along with your race package from the Helsinki City Running Day Expo at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium (Paavo Nurmen tie 1, 00250 Helsinki). The Expo Area is open on Friday May 12th and Saturday May 13th, 2023. To collect your bib number and race package, you need to know your bib number, which is e-mailed to you before the race. The race package must be picked up 1 hour prior to the race start. Yes, you can also collect your friend’s package if you know his/her bib number.

How do I collect my event t-shirt?
If you have registered before June 20th, 2022 the event t-shirt is automatically included in the entry fee. From June 21st onward, you are able to buy the event t-shirt when registering for the HCRD 2023 event. From your entry profile, you can view whether your registration includes a t-shirt or not (T-shirt: Yes/No). Additionally, information about the t-shirt will be included in the e-mail sent out to you approx. 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Your event t-shirt needs to be collected from the Expo area along with your bib number and race package.

How do I make a registration for a corporation or team? 
Instructions on how to register a corporation or team can be found from below. Please note that the below instructions are only in Finnish. For more information and assistance in English, please send an email to maraton@sul.fi
Ohjeet yritysilmoittautumiseen ja ryhmän muodostamiseen 

Life Helsinki City Marathon Relay – Questions:

Can a team consist of three or five runners?
Yes, a team can consist of three runners, meaning that one runner has to run two legs in a row. A team cannot consist of five runners, as four is the maximum number of allowed runners per team. Teams with less than four runners are not obliged to inform the event organiser about the matter.

Can I change a team member or change the order of the runners? And how?
Yes. The team’s contact person can change team members or the order of the team members/runners through the team’s entry profile.