More park and seaside scenery to the HCR route

The Helsinki City Run half marathon route faced big improvements last year when the direction of the route was changed clockwise. This change enabled us to offer HCR half marathon runners a faster route with even more seaside scenery. For this year’s event, the most appreciated parts and characteristics of the route remain but there will be some changes in the areas of Meilahti and Pikku-Huopalahti.

After the Meilahti bridge, the route continues straight along Meilahdentie to Paciuksenkatu. After this rather flat section, runners will be back on the familiar HCR half marathon route which goes under Paciuksenkatu.  Another new section of the route begins after the Paciuksenkatu underpass, where the route takes us to the park area on the west side of the Pikku-Huopalahti bay. Runners will continue all the way to Lapinmäentie, from where the route takes them back to the old, familiar route along the east side of the bay. The last 4 kilometres of the 2021 route are identical to the ones for the 2020 route.