Welcome to the race week runners! And welcome to Helsinki! We are excited that you are here and hope you will enjoy your stay! Thank you for choosing Sportyfeel Helsinki City Marathon! Here are some last minute tips for the days before the marathon on Saturday!

Don’t do anything new. Race week isn’t the time to try new shoes, new food or drinks, new gear, or anything else you haven’t used on several workouts. Stick with the routine that works for you!

Get off your feet. In the days before your race, try to stay off your feet as much as possible. Your goal is to show up on saturday with rested legs and strong mind –ready to run! We have a Shake out Run on Friday at 6pm if you want to join. 20-30 minutes easy running might do good the day before the race. Check out more information: here!

Don´t eat too big portions! It´s important to eat enough during race week but rather than devouring a gigantic bowl of pasta the night before the race, which could upset your stomach, try eating carbs in small increments throughout the day before the race. Eat carbs that work for you and your stomach!

Remember to stay hydrated during the race week. Summer has arrived to Finland and the weather has been warmer lately. Start hydrating yourself properly already 3-4 days before the marathon. Drink ca. 2 liters of extra fluids (for example water and sports drink) daily.

Get your race day gear ready well beforehand and check that you have everything! The night before the race, lay out your clothes, and if you already have your bib, fasten it on. That’s the one thing you need at the starting line. Don’t show up without it! Also remember to take your energy gels with you if you are planning to use them.

Wear approriate clothing and in case it´s going to be sunny and warm day, consider using some sunscreen and wearing a hat! You may be out in the sun for several hours.

Try to get enough sleep the night before. You are probably feeling a little nervous and excited, but try to get enough sleep the night before the race day! You need all the energy to run a marathon!

Good luck and see you in the competition office and event expo at Töölö Sports Hall!

Competition Office opening hours:
Friday, May 18, 2018 9.00 AM to 8:00 PM (9.00-20.00)
Saturday, May 19, 2018 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (8.00-14.00)

Get your bib number latest on Saturday at 1:30 PM (1,5 hours before the marathon start)

In case you have any questions the best way to contact us during race week is through social media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
The official event hashtags for Sportyfeel Helsinki City Marathon are #hcm2018 #helsinkicitymarathon #hcrd2018 #helsinkicityrunningday