When registering for the 2025 Helsinki City Running Day, you can purchase a new type of cancellation insurance. With the Mysafety cancellation insurance, you get the registration fee back if you are prevented from participating, for example due to your own or a loved one’s illness, if the babysitter or the train doesn’t show up, or if something else unexpected happens in life. The price of the insurance is 5-11 euros (19 euros with the marathon relay), depending on the sum of the participation fee. Price examples:

Registration fee max 40 euros -> insurance fee 5 euros
Registration fee 41-65 euros -> insurance fee 7 euros
Registration fee 66-100 euros -> insurance fee 9 euros
Registration fee 11-140 euros -> insurance fee 11 euros
Registration fee 141 euros or more -> 19 euros

Mysafety is considerably more flexible and has better conditions for the participant than the previously offered Transfer Insurance, because when the insurance conditions are met, you get the registration fee back, and it also covers cases other than illness. With the Mysafety cancellation insurance, the Transfer Insurance will no longer be available. Transfer Insurance enabled participation to be transferred to next years’ event in cases of illness, for which a medical certificate had to be presented.

You can buy the Mysafety cancellation insurance upon registration (note: the insurance cannot be bought later, like other additional services).

Please check out the Mysafety cancellation insurance product description, more detailed product brochure, and insurance conditions

Mysafety cancellation insurance is available for purchase from May 10th, 2024, when registration for 2025 opens.