LIVE results and tracking

All results are updated LIVE during the event on this link.

LIVE results on the UltimateLIVE app
All results are available and updated LIVE during the event in the UltimateLIVE smart phone app. The app can be downloaded from your application store or directly from the link

LIVE GPS tracking
All participants are offered LIVE GPS tracking if they wish their friends and followers to track them live during the race and get instant and accurate information about your race progress and estimated finish time.

Instructions for participant:
If you run with your phone you can connect your phone to LIVE GPS tracking.

This is how it works:

  1. Upload the UltimateLIVE app (for iPhone, Android or Windows)
  2. Select the GPS/sattelite icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Enter your tracker-id (the id is sent to your by email in the beginning of the week)
    (your tracker-id is personal and must not be shared with others).
  4. Select Connect Tracker.
  5. Select Start Tracking 10-15 minutes before start.

When you have started the tracking we advise you put your phone on standby mode to save battery power. The UltimateLIVE GPS tracking also works as background task and works along with other GPS tracking apps you may use. UltimateLIVE tracking is optimized to minimum 12 hours battery time on a fully charged phone.