If you live or visit the Helsinki area, feel free to join free training runs organized by Finnish Athletics and Juoksuliike. There are two trainings per month throughout the year. Trainings are published in Facebook in the Helsinki City Run page’s events. Please ask for translation from if the English version is not available.

The goal of the events is to train together in great company! May train towards the Helsinki City Running Day May 19th but you don’t have to be registered or even to participate in order to join the training runs. The runs are slower runs which are ment to be run at comfortable talking speed. The language of the events is Finnish but coaches and runners are happy to translate and chat in English, too.


– 60-75 minutes in low tempo in four pace groups:
– 5.30 min/km – lasting about 75 min
– 6.30 min/km – lasting about 75 min
– 7.00 min/km – lasting about 60 min
– 7.30-8:00 min/km – lasting about 60 min

The coaches are former top-runner Janne Ukonmaanaho and other coaches from Juoksuliike, which is the official training partner of Finnish Athletics.


07.01.2018 Pirkkola Ice-Hall at 12:00
21.01.2018 Töölö Sports Hall at 12:00
04.02.2018  Pirkkola Ice-Hall at 12:00
18.02.2018 Töölö Sports Hall at 12:00
04.03.2018  Pirkkola Ice-Hall at 12:00
18.03.2018 Töölö Sports Hall at 12:00
08.04.2018  Pirkkola Ice-Hall at 12:00
22.04.2018 Töölö Sports Hall at 12:00
06.05.2018  Pirkkola Ice-Hall at 12:00
18.05.2018 Töölö Sports Hall at 12:00 Shake Out Run for the Helsinki City Running Day at 18:00

Welcome! More information from maraton(at)