Helsinki City Marathon route for 2023!

Finland’s largest marathon, the Helsinki City Marathon, will once again be run on a beautiful, seaside route. As in recent years, two almost identical laps will be run at HCM. Compared to the 2022 route, the route is now faster and has less ascent. The changes fall on the Niemenmäki and Pikku-Huopalahti region, in the first lap at kilometers 15-16, and in the second lap at kilometers 35-36. The route has been taken closer to the shore of the bay, and thus the hillier section in Niemenmäki is avoided.

There are 11 refreshment stations on the route at regular intervals. Water and sports drinks are offered at all stations. Gels, bananas and pickles are also available at some of the service stations.

In May 2023, the route will offer runners a mixture of beautiful seaside, park, and downtown landscaping. The whole beauty is crowned by a finish at the legendary Olympic Stadium.

Please find a larger route map here.