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Ice Power Helsinki City 5 is renewing!

New route and start area! Ice Power Helsinki City 5’s growth has reached the point where the race no longer fits it’s previous start area and route. This year the start will be in next to the Olympic Stadium Square, at Mäntymäentie where all the other distances start, too. The new route will lead the[…]

Half marathon route 2023!

The Helsinki City Run half marathon route 2023 has been published! The route goes through the most beautiful Helsinki and along the seashores. The route is mostly the same as in 2022. The significant change is at the kilometers 14-15 , where the route now runs close to the coastline of Pikku-Huopalahti. Thus, the hillier[…]

HCRD offers free entry for Ukrainian refugees

Running and hobbies are a crucial for many peoples’ well being in the middle of difficult times. This has been shown by the contacts of the people who fled the war in Ukraine, and have contacted us hoping they could take part in our event. Helsinki City Running Day offers free entry for Ukrainian refugees,[…]

2 euros for all registrations to help Ukraine

We are donating two euros for every registration made between March 7th – 15th for Finnish Committee for UNICEF which helps children and families in Ukraine.  All the registrations made for Helsinki City Running Day, Minisun Minimarathon, and for Naisten Kymppi will be included in the donation during this period. Register now and help with us! Register[…]


Presenting the HCRD 2022 edition event t-shirt! A technical training t-shirt by Craft is made of recycled polyester. The t-shirt is included in the price for all who registered before the end of October, 2021, and for all Marathon Relay teams. Others can purchase a t-shirt for 15 euros whilst registering or later as an[…]

Helsinki City Marathon 2022 Route!

The route map for the Helsinki City Marathon 2022 is now ready! The route offers a mixture of beautiful seaside, park and downtown athmosphere. HCM 2022 route has two nearly identical laps. In the first lap, the route takes the runners to Salmisaari, a part that is not included in the second lap’s route. Compared[…]

2022 Early Bird Registration is open!

Sign up for HCRD 2022 now! Early Bird Registration for Helsinki City Running Day 2022 is now open! The event date is May 14th, 2022. Take advantage of the Early Bird prices and sign up latest on Monday, Oct 4th, 2021. The event T-shirt (value 24,90 e) is included in the Early Bird prices of[…]

HCRD 2022: New Race Schedule


Helsinki City Marathon is moved to morning in 2022 In 2022 Helsinki City Running Day race schedule will face some significant changes. The morning will be kicked of with the Helsinki City Marathon at 9.30 am. The first start group of the Helsinki City Run half marathoners will start their race at 2 pm. This[…]

Minimarathon is renewing 2022!

Renewable Minimarathon 2022! Next year Minimarathon will face some improvements: It will still be a part of the Helsinki City Running Day weekend, but it will get it’s own time slot on Friday early evening. The Minimarathon date will be Friday, May 13th, 2022. The new event center and activity area will be located on[…]

Upload HCRD app and participate in a draw

Event info in your pocket! We are happy to announce that we have launched the Helsinki City Running Day app! Upload the app for your phone from your app store (App Store or Google Play), and you will have all the important event information with you where ever you go! You will find the app[…]