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Remember to update your address information if you have moved or changed your email address, so that you will ensure getting all the necessary information about the event.

You can make the all updates at the runner’s profile in which you have received an username and a password at the confirmation email when registered to the event.

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Minimarathon’s starts will begin at 9:30 AM on Saturday at Eläintarha Sports Field. Smaller kids will start first and the oldest kids last. Before the starts there will be a warm up for the run.

The distance for every age group is about 1 km. Smallest kids can go with their parents or older siblings.

Kids under 5 years can start in the first age group. The age groups will be allocated automatically according to the runners age on December 31st of the race year.

~1,000 meters 5 years2015 and after
~1,000 meters 7 years2013 and 2014
~1,000 meters 9 years2011 and 2012
~1,000 meters 11 years2009 and 2010
~1,000 meters 13 years2007 and 2008

NOTICE! No timing at any age group.

Start times

9:30        Girls 5 years        Start groups 1, 2, 3

9:45        Boys 5 years        Start groups 4, 5, 6

10:00        Girls 7 years        Start groups 7, 8

10:15        Boys 7 years        Start groups 9, 10

10:30        Girls 9 years        Start groups 11, 12

10:45        Boys 9 years        Start groups 13, 14

11:00        Girls 11 years        Start group 15

11:00        Boys 11 years        Start group 15

11:00        Girls 13 years        Start group 15

11:00        Boys 13 years        Start groups 15

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Entry fees are non-refundable in every case. Participants does not need to inform the organisation about possible cancellations before the event.


The Race Office is located on Thursday and Friday at Helsinki Olympic Stadium, entrance is located at the western side (50 meters from the Olympic tower). On Saturday the office is relocated at the Eläintarha Sports field, where the Minimarathon’s start is. Please note that the pick up may take more time than usually as the number of people inside the Olympic Stadium may be limited.

All of the Minimarathon participants need to pick up their running numbers and a t-shirts from the event office before the race, latest on Saturday by 9:30 AM! 

The location and opening hours for the competition office:

Thursday October 1st, 2020
5pm-8pm (17-20) Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Friday October 2nd, 2020
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (8:00-20:00) Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Saturday October 3rd, 2020 8:00 am – 9:30 am
at Eläintarha Sports Field (address: Vauhtitie 6, Helsinki)

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The finish line for Minimarathon is located at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

After finishing the run every participant will get a medal and can enjoy some snacks and refreshments at the arena. Unfortunately special diets can not be taken into consideration.

After the run it is still possible to go back to Eläintarha Sports field to play and enjoy the activities. It will be open until 12 AM.


In case you cannot find your name on the start list even though you have paid the entry fee, please contact the office by email. Address:

If you do not want your child’s name on the start list, you can register them with a nick name. In this case, remember which name you have used! Fill in the other information perfectly so you will get all the important information.




The organizer has the right to use the pictures and videos taken at the event.

In 2020 there is no photographing partner due to COVID-19 border and leisure traveling restrictions. 

During the event, our photographing partner Marathon Photos, will take pictures of all the runners before, during and after the race. All pictures taken will be available online after the event only for runners who have given their permission to photos while registering to the event.

It will take about 2-3 days until the pictures can be found online. After the race Marathon Photos customer service will help you with all questions about the photos.

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2.10. – 31.10.15 €
1.11. – 8.1.202118 €
9.1. – 15.3.21 €
16.3. – 29.4.23 €
post-registration 25 €

Included in the entry fee:

Safe 1 km route from Eläintarha sports field to Olympic Stadium

Minimarathon t-shirt

Warm up before the run

Refreshments and snacks in the finish 

Minimarathon-medal to every runner

Lots of fun activities at Eläintarha sports field

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The Start is at Eläintarha Sports field (Eläintarhan urheilukenttä, address: Vauhtitie 6, 00250 Helsinki).

The route is about 1 km long, It is safe and guarded by adults. Kids can run with their parents if they wish.

The finish area is located at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

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The running number needs to be attached in front of a shirt and be visible during the whole race. The runners can keep their running numbers after the Minimarathon.

The running bib, T-shirt and running package has to be picked up from the competition office during the opening hours. Please check the opening hours from the RACE OFFICE section.

Please note that you need to know your bib number before picking it up. Another person may pick up the bib and the t-shirt on behalf of the runner. In that case, please give your running number information to the person picking up your race package.

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Parents can access the Minimarathon finish area at the Olympic Stadium from the same gate as the runners.

Spectators can also watch Minimarathon from the Olympic Stadium main section of the tribunes, which will be open from 9:00 AM forward.



Thursday October 1st, 2020
5pm-8pm (17-20) Helsinki Olympic Stadium
The Minimarathon competition office is open at the Olympic Stadium. We recommend to pick up the Minimarathon competition package on Thursday. 

Friday October 2nd, 2020
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (8:00-20:00) Helsinki Olympic Stadium
The Minimarathon competition office is open at the Olympic Stadium.

Saturday October 3rd, 2020

at 8:00          Minimarathon Competition office opens at Eläintarha Athletics field, Note the different location than on Friday!

at 8:00         The event starts

at 9:00         Minimarathon warm up

at 9:00        Olympic Stadium grandstand seating is open to spectators

at 9:30         Minimarathon number pick up closes at Eläintarha Sports field

at 9:30         Minimarathon’s start

12:00            End of the event

We recommended to use public transport as we don’t have any reserved parking areas for the runners.

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