Helsinki City Marathon Relay Info


All runners receive a gear bag from the competition office while picking up the number and running package. The official equipment storage area is located near the finish area (at Bollis football field). The storage is open on the day of the run from 12 AM to 9:15 PM.

There will not be separate equipment storage at the transition areas. Each team will take care of their teammates’ equipment during the race. 

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 2020 will be updated later

From Töölö Sports Hall (Competition office and start area) to transition areas 


Take a tram 10 from Ooppera tram stop to Tarkk’ampujankatu
and after that either walk 750 m or take the bus number 24 to Kapteenipuistikko
Or take a bus 18 from Töölön sairaala (address Topeliuksenkatu 10) to Eiran Sairaala 


From Töölö Sports Hall all the buses with a direction Elielinaukio
or the trams 4,10,2 from Ooppera tram stop 4,10,2 to Hesperianpuisto
or by walking


(the bridge between Munkkiniemi and Kuusisaari)
Take the tram 4 from Ooppera tram stop to Saunalahti
and walk 10-15 minutes.
Or take the tram 4 from Ooppera to Meilahdentie and change for the bus 551 to Kuusiniementie. After that walk 300 meters to the direction of arrival.

Real-time timetables available on


If you register one relay team for the race and pay for it right away, please choose “Individual and relay entry” and then “Helsinki City Marathon Relay”.

One person (the team leader) may enter a team and add the other runners to the registration later. Team leader is responsible for updating the details of the runners. Cancellation insurance is not available for the Marathon Relay.

If you want an invoice for the registration or you want to sign up more teams at a time, please choose “Create a team”.


If you have personal refreshments, please bring them to the marked places at the competition office between 8 AM and 1 PM on the race day. 

You can place your drink in a basket to be brought to a refreshment station. Make sure you recognize your drink, and that it is marked with your name, running number and the kilometers of the refreshment station.


The team’s race numbers are picked up at one time from the Competition Office during it opening hours  All team’s race numbers are in the same envelope. Any team member can pick up the numbers. Please check the competition office opening hours from the general info.

Note! Helsinki City Marathon Relay running numbers must be picked up before 1:30 PM on Saturday May 16th 2020.


Helsinki City Marathon Relay 2020 entry fees:

17.-19.5.2019 team 120 €person 30 € 150 €person 37,5 €
1.10. 180 €person 45 €
26.11.. 200 €person 50 €
1.1. – 220 €person 55 € 240 €person 60 €
1.4. – 260 €person 65 €
post-registrationteam 280 €person 70 €

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The route is the same as the Garmin Helsinki City Marathon route (see the route map below)

The starting line is at  the Paavo Nurmi statue (Mäntymäentie)

The starting time of the first runner for the Marathon Relay is xx

The team consist of 4 people. The legs will be 8, 15, 7 and 12 km. The changing areas are located at Merikatu (8 km), Eläintarha (23 km) and in Lauttasaari (30 km). 

The relay transition areas are planned in a way that they are easily reached by public transportation. Eläintarha is within walking distance from the event center. A ticket for the Helsinki public transportation is included in the entry fee. There is no transportation organized to transition areas.

The transition areas will be located alongside of the route. Therefore, the route will not get longer than the full marathon. The team carries a baton, which includes a chip for the timing. The change from one runner to another is done by giving the baton to the next runner.

The finish area is located at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Helsinki City Marathon Relay route 2020

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The timing system works with a bib tag attached to the baton that the team carries with them. The team runs joint time. The Marathon Relay will have the split times each 10 kilometers, just like the marathon event. The teams progress can be followed with the Ultimate Live result app. 

Bib numbers & baton

1. Each relay runner will have his/her own bib (race number)
2. There is no chip on the relay runners’ bib (race number)
3. The bibs (race numbers) are packed in an envelope, where you also have:
4. The single-use relay baton, which is a custom type thick paper with timing chips, that is assembled (rolled) by the runners before the race.

See the example of the baton from the DHL relay in Copenhagen here.

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1. Team’s race numbers are picked up at one time from the Competition Office during it opening hours (Friday 15th, 9am-20pm or Saturday 16th May from 8am- 2 pm). All team’s race numbers are in the same envelope. Any team member can pick up the numbers.

2. The numbering is for example 151 A, 151B, 151C, 151D, such that the first leg’s runner has A on the bib, the second runner B, etc.

3. The first runner starts at 2:45 PM at Mäntymäentie (next to race office). The other runners will get to the transition areas by public transport. Helsinki public transport ticket is included in the entry fee, please see the instructions of the public transport in below.

4. We recommend all relay runners to be in time in transition areas. Communicate with the runner about his/her estimated arrival time at the transition area.

5. The timing points are located at 10 k, 20 k, 30 k and finish line

6. As every team has a particular speed, it is not possible to organize a bag drop in each transition areas. The team itself is responsible to organize this. Practical Tip: We suggest that the first runner brings his/her gear bag to the equipment storage (located behind the Bolt Arena (former Telia 5G Arena), Bollis 6). He/she gives the clothes to wear after the run to the second runner who will hand those over before she/he starts running. The second runner will give his/her clothes from before the run to the first runners who will take them back to the finish area.

7. The runners A, B, C can access Bolt Arena (former Telia 5G Arena) through the South port (the same access than the discontinued runners use, next to HCM and Relay route) and get their medals, refreshments and snacks in the finish area.  

8. This year the whole team can cross the finish line together if they want, since the timing is done with only one bib tag that is on the baton. All team members must have their running numbers attached to their shirts to enter the finish area.

9. The relay team runs the same total running time. You can track your team’s progress on Ultimate Live application.

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